Best Training

The Human Resource department will endeavours to provide on an average 4-5 days of training per employee on an annual basis. The training programme is organized/conducted based on training needs identified. The participants are nominated for both in-house and external training programmes. The responsibility of functional as well as behavioural/management training rests with the HR department concerned, who will plan for and execute the training initiatives in close co-ordination with functional heads.

DSMPL Scheme

DSMPL is highly committed to acquiring the best talent from the industry and nurturing & developing human assets to enhance its own function. It is vital that the selection procedure of the human assets be such that the Company is able to select the best talent. In accordance with its objectives of creating a pool of skilled and capable employees, De Son Marketing Pvt. Ltd. (DSMPL) has been introduced in our Company.

Career growth plan

The career path defined typically for DSMPL recruits indicates a person's subject to his performance. We have quarterly appraisal process defined for the employees to mesure their individual performance level.