Window & Door Frame Sections


Tata EZYFIT is a brand of innovative tubes launched by Tata Steel’s Tubes SBU for Doors and Window Frames. Its unique geometry provides a good aesthetic feel and steel imparts robustness to the door and window frames. With superiority in both strength & beauty, the Tata EZYFIT sections are a better alternative to wooden frames for anchoring windows and doors.

Traditionally wooden frames have been used to hold the windows and doors in place. However, due to seasonal changes the frames absorb moisture in air and expands interfering with the door closure. The door tends to scrap the floor or might not fit in the frame. Moreover, availability of good wood and labour has made it more expensive. The steel-based Tata EZYFIT sections does not get affected due to seasonal changes and it is extremely durable when compared to such wooden frames. The profile of Tata EZYFIT sections has been engineered for a good door fitment.

There are two types of sections present in Tata EZYFIT, namely, Single Door Frame Sections and Double Door Frame Sections. The size of single door frame section is 100×55 and for double door frame section is 140×80.

The Tata EZYFIT sections are made of Yst-210 grade hot rolled steel coils from Tata Steel.



  • “Tata Structura” is now Green-Pro certified by CII-IGBC- the only player in tubes industry to have the certification. Tata EZYFIT is also made from same facility.
  • The window/door frame sections offer good alternative to wooden frames and saves cutting down of trees.


  • Unique geometry of Tata EZYFIT provides an aesthetic look & feel for the door frames. Tata EZYFIT gives the elegance of wood but strength of steel.


  • Unlike wooden frames, the Tata EZYFIT do not expand or contract during season or get affected due to termites.
  • A well painted frame can last even longer than the lifetime of building


  • Consistent yield strength of Yst 210 makes provides good robustness to the frames to sustain the imposed loads

Features of Tata EZYFIT Sections

Tata EZYFIT sections are the best choice for a window door frame sections as it provides :
Each steel section of Tata Structura features a high strength-to-weight ratio making it ideal for welding, shaping and construction of strong yet beautiful structures.

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