Tata Tiscon 550 SD


Tata Tiscon 550SD! It is the newest and most formidable
force to build a future perfect construction. A testament
to the unmatched trust of Tata Steel, it is India’s first
GreenPro certified rebar and is manufactured using industry
leading innovative automation. Made from virgin iron ore
and pure steel, every rebar has more load carrying capacity
because of its supreme strength and ductility. Not to
mention its enhanced earthquake resistant properties.
Why wait? Lay an unshakable foundation
of your dreams with Tata Tiscon 550SD!


  • More Strength
  • More Flexibility
  • More Eco-friendly
  • Assurance
More Strength = More Savings

More load carrying capacity of the rebars. For a given design load, fewer number of rebars or reduced diameter is required.

Minimum YS of 570*MPa

(More than IS1786:2008 – 550MPa)

Easily carries design load without any structural cracks

Optimised design leads to reduce steel consumption

Up to 6%^ savings on steel quantity

* Typical value as obtained in 95% of the cases ^ Savings % based on study done for 500 and 550 grade rebar for typical RCC frame (SMRF) configurations like G+1, G+2, G+3 and floor areas of 250 and 500 sq yard located in seismic zone IV
More Flexibility (ductility) = More Safety
Enhanced earthquake resistance
Minimum UTS/YS ratio of >=1.15
(Matching lS13920 2016 - >=1.15)
Higher gap between YS and UTS results in higher ductility
Minimum Total Elongation of >=16%
(More than IS13920:2016 - >=14.5%)
Ability to stretch more before fracture at room temperature
Minimum Total Elongation at max force (UTS) >=5%
(Matching IS1786:2008 >=5%)
Delays localised necking of rebar at room temperature.In short, better margin of safety before failure of the material.
More Eco-friendly

India’s First GreenPro Certified Rebar

  • Our sustainable manufacturing practices have reduced the environmental impact of our rebars
  • GreenPro Ecolabel enables you to make an informed and sustainable choice
More Assurance

Ensures peace-of-mind while purchasing

  • Tata Tiscon 550SD rebars are available in pieces of consistent dimensions
  • Each piece is of accurate length, diameter and weight


Unparalleled Experience. Unbeatable Expertise.

1. More Value
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