Tata Tiscon Superlink



  • Accuracy
  • Zero Wastage
  • Superior Quality
  • Superior Interlocking

Tata Tiscon Superlinks have great dimensional accuracy. With no cracks, twists or bending, Tiscon Superlinks remain rigid in the face of severe force.

Manufactured using sophisticated and automated machinery, Tiscon Superlinks reduce the number of man hours needed and prevent rebar wastage. As a result, they ensure 70% faster work completion

Superlinks are made using superior quality Tata Tiscon 550SD rebars. An automated manufacturing process also ensures correct mandel diameters and superior strength of beams and pillars.


Tata Tiscon Superlinks have superior interlocking through 65mm hook length and a 135* interlocking angle to ensure rigidity during earthquakes.

Readymade Tata Tiscon Stirrups

Manufactured through innovative automated machinery, Tata Tiscon Superlinks are superior stirrups that save space and time at construction sites. As opposed to manually bent stirrups, readymade superlinks are highly accurate, away from bending, cracking & twisting, and ensure faster completion of work. So choose the ‘super’ solution from your dream home with Tata Tiscon Superlinks!