Oyster & Coral Windows

Oyster & Coral Windows

(Steel Casement Windows – Oyster & Coral Windows)

The Oyster and Coral variant has a steel casement along with clear float vision glass, safety grill and optional retractable, collapsible mosquito net. Shutters are hinged and can be opened or closed by swinging in or out. Oyster windows come in 11 RAL shades, while the coral variant is available in 4 wood finish shades.

They come with accessories like SS 2×3 hinges with 2.5mm thickness, SS handles, tower bolt, stopper, EPDM gasket and corner brackets. They also have optional features like toughened, tinted and karatachi glass – available at an extra price.

They have two variants – Single rebate and Double rebate
The single rebate variant includes grill and glass and can have upto four shutters.
The double rebate variant has an additional retractable, collapsible mosquito net which keeps insects away, allows clear view and does not obstruct the flow of breeze. This variant can also have upto four shutters with grill and glass.

Tata Pravesh windows come with free delivery and installation. A 5-year warranty against any manufacturing defect is also offered. All accessories and moving parts come with 1 year warranty, except for mosquito net in Vista windows.