TATA Ecoplus

TATA Ecoplus Interior Acrylic Emulsion

Ecoplus Interior Emulsion is a high quality water based paint suitable to use for interior application and protection of surface walls, ceilings, particle boards etc. It is available in wide range of attractive shades.

Surface Preparation:

Before application ensure that surface is smooth and free from dust particles, grease and loose flakes. Rectify and smoothen minor cracks and uneven surface of the wall by using TATA Wallplus Putty followed by a coat of Wallplus Water Thinnable Cement primer. For Lime and Distemper surface remove all loose and dust particles, powdery material by using emery paper and prime it with a coat of Wallplus Water Thinnable Cement Primer to smoothen the surface. Corrective measure should be taken to arrest moisture source before painting.